Come join Lukas and his friends as they explore the sea and learn about the life of Christ and the incredible virtues of the saints!

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Plot Summary

In this inspiring episode, Lukas helps his friends discover the meaning of their names as they learn about their patron saints, while Lukas recalls his own encounter with Jesus and how it changed his life forever.

Anna is tired and bored from always playing the same games, when she suddenly finds herself at the sunken ship, Noah’s ark! Lukas tells her a wonderful story about a Pope who also loved playing games and sports when he was a child, and how we can have fun while imitating his example.

Lukas invites all his friends to a great adventure at the dark reef. As soon as they arrive, they are afraid to help and play with some old forgotten friends so Lukas and Noah share with them the story of St. Teresa of Calcutta and how she asked God for a big heart so She could love everybody. The story changes their lives and helps them to come back to the reef and have a great day with acts of love.

The fair has reached the reef and our friends must earn their ticket. Peter gets into trouble and thanks to his sister, Agnes, and his friends, Lukas and Noah, we learn an important lesson – following the example of Saint Anthony of Padua- about always telling the truth.

As the talent contest approaches and our firends prepara their special dance. Paul gets hurt and has to leave the contest. When Lukas takes him to the doctor, Paul learns form the example of Padre Pio about the importance of having a clean soul and offering his sufferings to God.

When things get off to a rough start as Anna, Agnes, Peter and Paul train for a baseball match, Noah shares the story of St. Joseph helping them to imitate his example and learn the virtue of obedience.

As the kids of the reef prepare in excitement for grandparents’ day, Paul is sad because he never met his own grandparents. Noah helps him learn more about them and tells him the story of Anne and Joachim, the grandparents of Jesus. Lukas shows us how grandparents fill us with love, and through their example, bring us closer to Jesus.

Our friends take a trip to a camp that Lukas has prepared, but they soon begin to miss the comforts of their home. Inspired by the heroic life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. Lukas helps them understand that they should always be grateful for what they have.

Christmas is coming and our friends Peter, Agnes, Paul and Anna expect to receive many gifts. but when they caught in one of their antics. Lukas and Noah will help them understand the true story of Christmas and how the birth of the Son of God should change our hearts.