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Original Movie Poster circa 1987

Original Movie Poster circa 1987

CCC took the show on the road (literally) when production began in Asturias, Spain in 1985.  A new chapter began for the company with the making of the feature film, Crystalstone.

The story revolves around two orphaned siblings on a perilous journey.  Guided by a cross, the children search for a mystical gem that holds the key to happiness.  Elements of suspense, comedy, and adventure are interwoven to create this captivating family film.

Released worldwide, it won several film festival awards, including: the Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement from the Academy of Family Films, the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board, the Golden Halo award from the California Motion Picture Council, the Golden Award from the Houston International Film Festival, and a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

In the 1990’s, Crystalstone aired on The Disney Channel.

“Crystalstone is a radiant family film…an uplifting blend of adventure and comedy.”  - The Hollywood Reporter

“This a sweet, heartfelt family film that brings back the fun and adventure that films no longer possess.”
- David R. from Ohio

Inspired to tell stories of real heroes of the faith and create opportunities for laughter, CCC felt that animation was the best way to engage children. Our animated production work began in 1988, utilizing top illustrators to hand-draw our first film, The Day the Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima.  Fatima remains our best-seller to this day! 

Appealing to a broader market with their new concept in family entertainment, new titles continued to be added until there were a total of eleven 30-minute animated films in the Saints and Heroes Animated Series, available in English, French, and Spanish.

These classic children’s animations have received the Dove Award and Film Advisory Board’s “Award of Excellence”.

“My children were raised watching CCC’s animated videos and now my grandchildren are learning the stories of the Saints. They are a staple in our family!” – Family in Texas
“These well-written, beautifully animated stories are some of the best we’ve ever seen.”
- Elayne Blythe, Film Advisory Board President