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Our Mission

CCC exists to produce and distribute engaging, high-quality entertainment with authentic family values.  We use media to communicate faith-filled fun, wherein people can discover stories of real heroes possessing courage, love and truth.  Presenting the goodness of man and the beauty of life, CCC of America has emerged with a better alternative – entertainment you can believe in.


Producer Chair-36x24px Join the Mission


One of our favorite parts of our work is collaborating with others to spread the message of the Gospel.  Our supporters multiply our efforts when they join in the work that we are privileged to do.

There are many ways to “Join the Mission”.  Here are just a few:

  • CCC Fundraisers:  This Fundraiser Program is designed to generate a higher profit unit, with a 50% profit margin!  It is an easy program for groups of any size to have a successful fundraiser.  Unlike Cookie Dough or Pizza Kits, the value of animated film promoting solid family values far outweighs a one-time snack.
  • CCC Sales Force:  Currently in development, this will be a new sales program for fired up fans to become individual distributors of our products.  Sales Force team members will become our grassroots sales representatives, selling product at a 50% profit margin at events and in their communities.
  • Fund a Film:  “When are you coming out with a new movie?”  That is one of the questions that we are most frequently asked.  The answer is that we can’t wait to put out a new production!  Prayers and donations are important ways that our supporters can help make that vision a reality.