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Our Story

It was 1983 when an international group of entrepreneurs decided it was time to take a pro-family stance in the entertainment industry. Committed to the truth, they formed the dynamic enterprise of CCC of America, or Creative Communications Center.

CCC of America began in Hollywood with the production of a 2-hour TV show that was broadcast in the US and Latin America.  They moved into film production in 1985 with Crystalstone, an award-winning adventure movie.

In 1988, CCC produced the first of their animated films – The Day the Sun Danced, The True Story of Fatima.  New titles continued to be added in the years that followed, creating the now classic collection of 11 Saints & Heroes.

Evolving in the 1990’s, the company divided into two distinct entities: CCC Productions and CCC of America.  While the production arm remained in California, CCC of America relocated to Las Colinas in Irving, Texas where it remains today.

In 2008, Karla Alfaro started the new leadership of CCC of America.  Channels of distribution have continued to develop worldwide, as well as multi-lingual broadcasting.

A trusted leader in family entertainment for nearly 30 years, CCC continues to foster and seek new partnerships and methods of evangelizing through media.