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Eleven captivating children’s animated films on the virtuous lives of the saints and heroic conquerors of the faith.

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Foster faith with films for all ages that inspire, entertain, educate, and promote family values.

 An App for Toddlers

 An educational app, “Loaves & Fishes” to teach children about “The Lunch that Jesus Served” the inspiring bible story.

CatholicTV is privileged to air the CCC of America programs opening up eyes to the world of our Catholic Saints and Heroes brings richness to our programming line-up. CatholicTV treasures the partnership we share with CCC of America.

Catholic TV CCC Broadcaster

Thank You for the Great Catholic Kids Movies & Books !! I was reading this to my kids tonight & shortly after I put the 3 year old to bed I heard her praying out loud

Nikki Moren CCC Mom

Thank you! These are great for my religious education ‘lending library’!

Terry McHugh CCC Teacher

Wonderful company! Great kids material and the most amazing customer service!

Elva IseleyCCC Retail Partner

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