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Retail & Distribution

Since 1989, CCC has built partnerships with retail outlets for distribution in more than 15 countries

Broadcasting & Licensing

CCC’s films are broadcast internationally and have been dubbed into numerous languages

Educators & Parents

Equipping educators and parents with tools and resources that entertain and plant seeds of faith is our goal

Join the Mission

From fundraisers to sales opportunities, join with us to expand our reach and bring more people entertainment to believe in

Planting Seeds of Faith, is just a click away!

CCC prides itself on producing and distributing a full line of family entertainment that conveys true family values for today's families. We are committed to upholding the highest standards to promote family unity, human dignity and truth, and to the preservation of laughter and happiness in the world.

Entertainment You Can Believe In

Best Sellers

Watch stories of real life Saints and heroes come alive in our award-winning Saints and Heroes animated series

Featured Films & Documentaries

Foster faith with films for all ages that inspire, entertain, educate, and promote family values


Our Playground has activities, crafts, and artwork for the whole family designed to entertain & educate your children.

Children & Youth

Engage kids with media that teaches the Faith through bible stories, virtues, prayers, Sacraments and more

Meet the Team

  • Karla Alfaro, President

    Karla’s work in advertising, marketing, PR, and development has spanned more than a decade. In 2005, she ventured north from San Antonio to Dallas to begin working in Development. 2008 brought the opportunity to lead operations at CCC, and Karla has been creatively communicating from this center ever since.
  • Mari Jo Bueno, Media Art Director

    Mari Jo brings an international flair to the CCC team, having studied in the US, Italy, Mexico, and received her Masters in Corporate Communications while on her last stop in Spain. She has gained experience in PR, marketing, social media, translating and interpreting, and corporate training over the past six years.

Blog Posts


  • The more the children can learn about the saints, the better!
  • My family and the classes I have taught have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by your saint vhs/dvd's.
  • We love the videos of the saints! What a great idea to educate children about the saints in an interesting way. I buy these videos for my god-daughter and she enjoys them as much as my children did. 
  • My kids know the stories of the saints from these videos! And, whenever they hear about a particular saint from one of their movies, they get all excited because, "Mom! We know that saint!" I love that they feel a sense of friendship with the saints, simply from watching your videos."
    Cathy LeBlanc - Mom
  • The Saints & Heroes series is so versatile and informative.  It keeps the kids in our K-8 program completely engaged.  After they've watched the movies, it triggers great dialog and opportunities for growth in their faith."
    Linda B., RE Teacher from Cortez, CO
  • "As a Catholic mom active in the Catholic marketplace, I know the importance and value of good, wholesome and faith-building products. That is precisely why our movie cabinet is full of CCC videos for our own children. They are captivating,  inspiring and kids love them!"
    Joni Abdalla - Wee Believers
  •  CatholicTV is privileged to air the CCC of America programs opening up eyes to the world of our Catholic Saints and Heroes brings richness to our programming line-up.CatholicTV treasures the partnership we share with CCC of America together we work to  bring the light of the Gospel into millions of homes with faith-filled media.”        
    Catholic TV